“security systems have to win every time, the cyber attacker only has to win once.”

Modern Cyber Attackers are sophisticated professionals. They are varied in motivation, capability and tactics.
They work as dedicated teams and possess more potent tools than ever before. Many organizations simply can’t respond or defend.
They don’t have the technology, money, people or time to mount their own defense.

Who is at risk?

The most vulnerable businesses are SMB’s and organizations with fewer than 100 employees. This category experience more ransomware cyber attacks than larger organizations.

What makes a business Vulnerable to a cyber attack? There are four areas of risk:
  • The on-site IT Technology and IT governance procedures;
  • Employees who have not been trained to identify potentially harmful email and how to defend against phishing scams;
  • Employees who have unrestricted access to the company network and confidential files and databases;
  • Shadow IT                                                                                     

Image Source: KnowBe4

How does SortedIT help?

We audit critical areas of your IT environment and then propose remediation steps based on the audit findings.

Our audit examines:
  • IT Governance:   Security policies – Backup procedures – Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Compliance: (POPI and GDPR) Client sensitive information – access to data – permission levels – barricading data
  • Employee Risk Profile:   Assess the risk profile of each employee and provide training: – Threat and Security Awareness – Access to Data
  • Infrastructure and Technology:   Firewalls and End Point Protection – Data Encryption – Backup Technology – VPN and Internet Connectivity
  • Shadow IT:   Prevalence and Practice
What we present to management:
  • An in-depth audit report;
  • A Gap Analysis – Actual compared to best practice
  • Remediation proposals:
    • Project plan with immediate focus on identified risks;
    • Proposals for on-going monitoring of the on-site security situation.
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