Do you need help keeping the IT lights burning?
SortedIT has service packages to help you do just that!

Managed Service Contracts: (IT Outsourcing)

In terms of a managed services contract, a SortedIT technician or technical team would be permanently located at the client’s premises, providing the client with the full spectrum of IT services that would normally be provided by an in-house IT function, but at a reduced cost to company.
The technician (or technical team lead) will report directly into the client’s management structure and will work under the direction of the client’s management team.
SortedIT provides its representatives with technical backup as necessary.

SLA Regulated Contract Services:

SortedIT offers SLA agreements to clients in order to define the business relationship between the parties. Each SLA is tailored to the clients needs, but the SLA’s typically define:

  • Service parameters, roles, responsibilities and limitations;
  • A measurable description of the specific service level to be provided;
  • Alignment of the client’s perceptions of the expected service provision and SortedIT’s actual service and support provisions.

General Call Out Services: (non-contracted clients)

SortedIT has an “always on” office and we respond to any call-out request within the central Gauteng area.
We provide enterprise grade services to home users, SOHO startups and SMB’s.

⇒  We also have a unique way of varying our callout fees and on-site and remote service charges. Call us.