Helping you keep the IT lights burning!

SortedIT has an “always on” office and the capacity to operate on a 24/7 basis.

Remote End User Support:

This is a cost effective support service which aims to resolveĀ  issues either by phone and/or by secure remote login.
Contact is maintained with the end user throughout the process.
If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, the user opens a site visit ticket and SortedIT responds as per SLA or as arranged on a one-off basis. (See SLA details here)

  • Remote support is a metered service for billing purposes or as per SLA where applicable.
  • Remote services are provided to non-contracted clients per incident and by arrangement.
Remote Data Centre and Network Monitoring:

SortedIT maintains an open link to the clients office/data center via secure VPN.

  • Servers and Network Attached Storage devices are monitored for hardware performance, component failure and storage utilization.
  • The network is monitored for traffic and bandwidth utilization and the hardware – routers and switches – are monitored for component failure

Remote monitoring services are provided as per SLA.