“security systems have to win every time, the cyber attacker only has to win once.”

Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Cyber Security Basics

In order to defend against cyber crime, companies not only have to make sure that their internal cyber environment is secure and that their employees are trained and know how recognize a potential cyber attack,  they also need to ensure that the upstream and downstream partners they deal with on a daily basis are also cyber secure. 
There is no “one size fits all” solution to cyber security. Each company is unique in its IT set up and exposure to risks.
SortedIT can design a solution for your company based on an assessment of  your company’s risk profile.

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Any type of offensive maneuver that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, or personal computer devices.
Advanced Persistent Threat.

What Makes You Vulnerable?

Employees who are not cyber threat aware and who are not kept up to date on cyber attack trends.

Employees privately engage third parties to resolve IT-related issues, bypassing their IT department and their IT security policies.

Employees and contractors have unrestricted access to all levels of company data.

Local and Remote Network Monitoring

Often, a cyber attack goes unnoticed for months because very little attention is paid to what is gong on inside the company network. This lack of attention makes it easy for an attacker to stay resident in a computer network, gathering information and then launching an attack.

However all attackers want to get information “out” of the organization and that is where network monitoring comes in. Unusual traffic can be spotted and the compromised devices are isolated from the network and the malware can be cleaned off the system

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Network Activity – what is coming in and what is going out

Who has been compromised?

Who is on your network?

Using an array of surveillance tools, We can easily see which devices are on the network. Unsanctioned devices can be quickly isolated and investigated

Likewise, if unusual network activity is noticed, the device and owner can be identified, taken off the network and investigated.

Forensics Place in Cyber Threat Mitigation

Network forensics specifically deals with network attacks and their investigation. (How did this happen and why?)
In the era of increasing network attacks and malware threats, it’s now more important than ever to identify the exact nature of a cyber attack, to find out why it happened and then use the data to take steps against possible future attacks.
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Network Forensics – What happened and why?

The Forensic Investigation Flow

Cyber Threat Infographic