This page contains the terms and conditions under which SortedIT provides certain services.

Terms and Conditions for Rental and Sales iShield Firewalls.

  • A once off Installation fee of R600-00 per hour will be charged for all installations,
  • There is a R95-00  centralized control panel fee per month, per branch,
  • There is one free post installation site visit. Thereafter site visits will be charged for at prevailing call-out rates,
  • Pricing varies depending on the device chosen, the number of users and whether a full rental, rent-to-own or outright purchase option is chosen.

Terms and Conditions for Sales of Refurbished Computers, Laptops and Printers.

  • All sales are will be invoiced for on receipt of a written order and delivery will be made once payment reflects  in our bank account,
  • New and refurbished equipment sales prices include VAT unless specifically stated otherwise, 
  • A delivery fee of R150-00 will be charged for deliveries within a 15 km radius from SortedIT’s offices. A rate per kilometer will be charged for deliveries outside the 15 km radius,
  • If requested, an on-site setup fee of R425 per hour will be charged. The client is to specify the nature of the work to be done.
  • Force Majeure. SortedIT has the right to to declare force majeure under certain circumstances. (see below)

Computer and Laptop Refurbishment, Repairs and Upgrades


The offer extends to Widows and Apple Mac laptops and desktops


  • A 50% deposit is required before upgrade or repair work will commence, The outstanding balance must be paid on collection,
  • All devices handed to SortedIT for repair or any other reason become the property of SortedIT and shall remain the property of SortedIT until all work done is fully paid for,
  • Sorted IT will dispose of any item not collected within three months from date of invoice in order to defray expenses.

Terms Of Our Offer:

  1. In terms of the fixed price upgrade offer, SortedIT will replace the computers hard drive with a new 500GB SSD SATA hard drive unless the client specifies otherwise. In this case the cost of the custom component will be factored into the offer and an additional charge may be levied if necessary.
  2. RAM memory will be upgraded with a single 4 gigabyte ram module if there is an available memory interface (RAM slot) on the motherboard.

Note: If there are no available RAM slots, the owner of the computer will be advised and presented with further upgrade options.

  1. SortedIT will reload the computers operating system onto the new hard drive and run basic updates for security purposes.
    Note: SortedIT will not load any software for which the client cannot produce a valid product key or license. 
  2. SortedIT will install the computers old hard drive into a new, suitable USB3 external drive enclosure (either 2.5” or 3.5”) for the client.

NOTE: Although every care is taken of the clients’ computer equipment while it is in SortedIT’s possession,
                                         SortedIT takes no responsibility for data loss.
Data, email and application backups are the clients’ responsibility and SortedIT will assume that these backups have been done by the client before releasing their computer into SortedIT’s care.

  1. Before accepting the computer for upgrade, SortedIT will boot up the computer in the presence of the client to ensure that the device is in working condition.
  2. The client will be asked to declare that all the external ports on the computer (USB, HDMI, VGA etc.) are in working order and to advise SortedIT of any ports that are not functioning prior to acceptance.
  3. SortedIT will nonetheless run further workshop diagnostic checks on the computer to ensure that it is sound. The client will be informed of any faults found before any work on the clients’ computer is done.
  4. The exterior of the computer will be inspected for signs of physical damage and if found such damage will be pointed out to the client and noted on SortedIT’s Job card prior to acceptance.
  5. In the case of a laptop, the monitor will be inspected for physical damage and checked to ensure that the monitor is in working order before acceptance for upgrade.
  6. At its discretion, SortedIT will keep a photographic record of the physical condition of the computer and monitor for record keeping purposes.

If the clients’ computer needs additional repairs over and above the fixed price upgrade, the client will be advised  and provided with a cost to repair. On receipt of a written go-ahead from the client, these repairs will be carried out and charged for at current component prices and labour rates.

For more information, call 087 700 9912 or after hours on 082 856 4399 or mail and we will gladly assist.

Force Majeure

SortedIT has the right to declare force majeure should exceptional events or circumstances beyond its control prevent it from carrying out its contractual obligations as set out this document.

Such events or circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • Any environmental event or condition, act of war, terror event or civil unrest, or politically inspired unrest which is beyond SortedIT’s control,
  • Any event or circumstance which SortedIT could not reasonably have provided for before entering into the contract,
  • Any event or circumstance which having arisen, SortedIT could not have reasonably avoided or overcome,
  • Any event or circumstance given rise to by the other party.