IT Support For Centralized and Remote Offices

Business critical data needs to be accessible from anywhere. So no matter if your data is stored in on-site servers or in the cloud, unreliable desktop, mobile computing and remote and on-site networks can make that data inaccessible to employees, no matter where they work.

So it makes sense to ensure that your on-site and remote IT infrastructure is solid, well maintained and reliable.

SortedIT can support the entire hardware, software and end user environment. 

We can place technicians permanently on-site in central offices or regularly visit remote home offices to ensure that the home office IT is well maintained and secure. 
Our managed service contracts provide clients with the reassurance of support as and when they need it.

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The Always-On Office – IT When You Need It

Technical Services Seven Days a Week

Servers and Networks – Managed On-Site or Remotely

How We Provide Services

IT Rescue – A seven days a week call-out service available to anyone needing to get their IT back on line. Just call 082 856 4399 to be directed to an on-duty technician.
For information on what we can assist with in an emergency, click here.

Service Level Agreements – These define what technical,  end user support and routine maintenance is provided to the client on a monthly basis.
Monthly fees are fixed and response times are guaranteed.

Managed Service Contracts – We place a technician permanently on-site. The technician reports directly to a senior member of the clients management team and is responsible for the smooth running of the entire IT function including  administration.
The exact duties are contained in a detailed job description provided by the client.
Fees are fixed and negotiated on an annual basis or whenever either party requests a change.
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For more information, please contact us on 082 856 4399, or email support

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Emergency Services

IT Rescue and End User Support Services – seven days a week.
The focus of this service is to restore complete or partial system failures
      • Windows servers;
      • Networks: Wireless and LAN, hardware, cabling and internet connectivity;
      • Desktop computers, laptops and smart devices;
      • Support for Windows operating systems and MS Office office 
      • Office automation and printing;
      • Power and UPS related issues
      • Data and Password recovery

Technical Services

Server Rooms and Data Centres:
    • Servers and Network Attached Storage
    • Routers and Network Switches
    • WAN Connectivity and Internet Breakout
    • Cabling and Fiber inter-connectivity
    • Power and UPS
    • Fire Suppression
    • Environmental and Access Control
Sever room related  Services:
    • Maintain and upgrade existing equipment;
    • Building, installing and configuring multi-role servers;
    • Server performance analysis and optimization;
    • Network traffic prioritization and load balancing;
    • Remote Server and network monitoring;
    • Design, install and configure new Data Centre infrastructure and  capacity;
    • Project Management and Consulting Services;
    • Equipment procurement and standardization.
Local, Wide Area and Wireless Networks:
    • Routers, switches, network hardware
    • Wide Area inter-connectivity
    • LAN cabling and desktop patching
    • Wireless Networks.
Network Services:
    • Maintain and upgrade existing equipment;
    • Install and configure new network equipment;
    • Copper and fiber cable installations;
    • WAN networks for remote office inter-connectivity;
    • Wireless network installations.
Desktops, Mobile Workforce and Remote Office Locations:
    • Desktop computers, Hotdesk docking stations, and Thin Client terminals
    • Smart devices for the mobile workforce
    • Networking
    • Office automation – Printers, Scanners
    • VOIP
Services for the Desktop, Mobile, and Remote office environment:
    • Maintain and upgrade existing equipment;
    • Install and configure desktop computers, laptop docking stations and terminal devices;
    • Configure and deploy smart devices for the mobile workforce;
    • Install and maintain remote office IT infrastructure;
    • Install and configure all office multi-function devices, printers and scanners.

Service Plans, Contracted and Managed Services

  • Weekend Repair, Installation and Upgrade Services

For businesses that cannot have critical IT  systems off-line during business hours, SortedIT
offers weekend repair and upgrade services: In on Friday, ready by Monday.
We can also schedule on-site installations and infrastructure upgrades to take place over weekends. 

These services are available to anyone needing them.

Contracted Call-Out Services 

Clients on call-out contracts benefit from negotiated call-out rates, optional maintenance visits and a guaranteed call-out response time.

The call-out service contract defines:

  • The number of call outs and maintenance visits per month,
  • The range of services that will be provided,
  • The number of remote service interventions,
  • The mean time to respond to call out and service requests.

The contract will cover: 

  • Technical and software related issues affecting desktop, laptop and mobile devices,
  • Technical and software related issues affecting servers, networks and connectivity,
  • Backup and data recovery,
  • End user software and technical support,
  • Optional disaster recovery and business continuity.

Contracted Managed Services – IT services for a fixed monthly cost

The tailored managed services model – Proactive systems management and maintenance of the IT environment.
(Representative on-site or guaranteed on-site hours per month) 

Tailored managed services includes all the services of the call-out contract, with the addition of:

  • Administrative management of the IT function
    Strategic alignment with business objectives, budgeting, equipment life cycle management, governance and compliance,
  • Vendor management,
  • Managing the support desk,
  • Cyber security: Real time network monitoring, vulnerability testing, patch management and end point protection,
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning,
  • Cloud integration,
  • Access to our full range of specialized services. Click here.  

Managing support services:

SortedIT uses support desk software to manage the services that it provides to clients. The software we use:

  • Records time spent, work done and provides a basis for billing,
  • Builds a service history record which helps to identify persistent user and hardware issues. 

That information is then used to refine future trouble-shooting interventions for the user/device.