SortedIT has been successfully operating since 1997

We believe we have been successful because of these two core fundamentals:

An ability to get things done. We make sure that we have the technical skills and the capacity to provide clients with the services they need.
Covid-19 has forced a re-think on the way we work and interact with colleagues and clients. The distributed workforce is here to stay, and new and legacy technologies have to be applied and adapted to keep the distributed workforce productive and secure. Because of our future focus on technology, we have kept abreast of change and our clients can leverage best of breed technology to help them transition into the new world of work.
SortedIT keeps pace with change by continually upskilling and maintaining a professional presence inside many IT forums that are on the forefront of digital transformation.

Our people and management skills.
Each client has a way of working that is unique to their business and the industry they operate in.
We engage with our clients and their staff in order to better understand the dynamics of their business and their technology needs.

Management skills gained in multi-national corporate environments means that we administer the IT function in a way that is auditable and satisfies compliance regulations.

And we act as ambassadors for our clients for mutual benefit, because we recognize that our clients success is linked to our success.

What do we do?

We provide IT technology and a range of technology solutions for a wide range of business operations. The broad categories are as follows:

  • IT – Everything necessary to keep all  systems running and protected,
  • Cyber Security  – Staff training, network monitoring and network forensics, firewalling and end-point security,
  • Management, monitoring and inventory control systems for healthcare, logistics and warehousing,
  • Equipment and systems for call centres, video and voice conferencing and CRM,
  • POPI compliance with data security legislation.

A breakdown of these services can be found here

How do we provide our services?

SortedIT offers three service delivery platforms:

  • Managed Services – a permanent on-site presence responsible for all technology, administration and strategic interaction with management and staff,
  • SLA regulated contract services – guaranteed hours on site, stipulated call out response times and guaranteed system up-time,
  • General call-Out services for non-contracted clients.

We supply set-up and support all the technology we provide

Our support services are available seven days a week.

We want to work with you and remember: SortedIT has 24 years of solid, hands-on IT experience ready to place at your disposal.