SortedIT Projects

Many technology projects fail, run over budget and miss deadlines because they are not properly managed and team selection has been poor.

SortedIT has successfully worked with local and international project teams to install IT infrastructure in new office and warehouse developments. We have re-located offices and warehouses and renovated the IT infrastructure in entire office blocks. We have assisted companies to roll out  upgraded hardware, software and networks in existing offices and remote home office expansions.

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Concept, Procurement,  Installation and Hand-over

How We Provide IT Project Services.

SortedIT becomes part of the larger project team and is involved in all the pre-planning and feasibility studies.

We then we work with the client and other key members of the project team to finalize the project plan, establish the scope of the IT phase of the project, the budget and delivery deadlines.

We assemble an IT project team, contact vendors and suppliers and set up management processes for on-site contractors. We create milestones and develop contingency scenarios and monitor the project all the way to handover and closure.